Physical Distancing and Sanitisation guidelines for Kids

  1. Maintain minimum 6 feet distance from everyone at all times including parking lot, Tennis courts, Sitting area, Office
  2. Fill the Covid-19 Checklist
  3. Wear face-mask before and after play in the Academy
  4. Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session
  5. Bring your own water and food
  6. Parents are not allowed inside premises unless for emergencies, they can drop and pick the kids only
  7. Maximum 3 players in a court allowed
  8. Only handle your own racket and personal(marked) tennis balls
  9. Avoid changing ends as much as possible or change at opposite sides of net
  10. Only online payments and bookings allowed; for further details contact 7026511330, 7026511331
  11. Use buffer period(an additional time is allocated between each session) for dropping and picking the kids
  12. Keep your personal belongings at least 10 feet from other players belongings
  13. Face-mask, hand sanitizer, wipes should be carried at all times
  14. No handshakes, high-fives, chest bumps etc
  15. Sanitize thoroughly before and after session
  16. Avoid coming to the academy if you or your family member has a fever/cold/running nose/cough
  17. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or upper sleeve only
  18. Avoid touching face during session, use sanitizer before touching your face
  19. Do not use scoreboard