Tennis has evolved in many different ways. One important aspect is the transformation of physical preparation and the increased importance of training players from a very young age

 With the ever-changing equipment and increased physical demands on players, the challenges of the tennis circuits have never been greater.  

Physical training for us is based on two pillars: coordination skills and injury prevention.

Coordination skills give young players the ability to make the impossible possible, to make the possible seem easy and the easy seem elegant. Balance, reflexes, changes of rhythm and direction, footwork, anticipation and hearing the ball are some of the areas linked to these skills. These considerations will be integrated on-court and in physical training sessions, where we will carry out personalised tasks during real play.

Tennis is an aggressive and asymmetrical sport that can cause imbalances in our muscles and joints. Preventative training, which aims to minimise these risks, forms a base for the following aspects: articular mobility exercises, stretching of the muscles that are prone to strains with the aim of alleviating tension; strengthening the stabilising muscles of the different areas of the body, such as the shoulder and the deep muscles of the back.

To work on these aspects, the Academy contains all the latest fitness and training machines and other technology.

Physical Training