Mini Tennis

Early development of a kid’s motor skills – Gross motor skills as well as Fine motor skills is necessary. Class room training and play schools adapt an indoor environment. This takes away from the fact that humans have always been outdoor beings, the indoor conditions including natural elements ( air, space) which are vastly different form outdoors. Outdoor exposure to kids is of utmost importance as it helps in children learning to cope up with elements like wind, dust, sun, rain and improve their immunity, strength and ability to adapt, learn physically and mentally.

Mini Tennis is an Inclusive programs which encompass tennis training, social and behavioral education and fun elements. In Mini Tennis we enroll kids from 4 to 8 years of age.

Generally Mini tennis includes activities:

  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Dynamic warm up
  • Tennis training
  • Fun Games
  • Cool down and stretching

Super Elite Program

Super Elite Program was devised to provide professional training for the top ranked junior kids training with us. The program involves physical, mental and technical training of International standard to the players. Some of the features of this training are

  • Intensive drill sessions which focus of specific stokes of the game
  • Drills catering to development of Agility, Speed and Consistency.
  • Fitness sessions to facilitate the physical development including strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, footwork
  • Weight training to improve strength and muscle movement
  • Mental training including counselling, coaching, preparation, planning

Beginners Program

The program is breeding ground of champions, here is where foundations are laid and the basics of game are taught. The lessons are designed to introduce kids to the game, these involve building basic coordination, muscle and body dynamics and strokes required by the sport.

The features of the program are

  • Shadow drills to learn the basics of strokes
  • Ball feeds to improve timing and hand eye coordination required by tennis
  • Soft ball sessions with softer balls which are easier to connect and control, hence developing rally skills
  • Mini sets and rally sessions with each other and coaches
  • History of tennis and knowledge transfer sessions related to tennis

Intermediate Program

This program as name suggest is intermediary program, when the player has developed the basics of tennis and is capable of playing matches and is able to make rallies without external assistance. This is launching pad for the kids to develop skills to structure points and develop match playing abilities.

The following points list the programs mainstays

  • Introduction to drills like multi-feed with racket, drop ball with hands, spin feeds, slow ball feeds.
  • Introduction to planning, point construction methods, pattern development
  • Focus on adding additional power, control, depth and spin to strokes
  • Introduction to tournaments and competitive events

Fitness Program

This is special program to develop fitness aspects of the game for Intermediate and Advanced trainees. The focus is primarily on developing the physicality of the players. The game has become a survival of the fittest contest and fitness of the highest level is required by players to be competitive in national and international tournaments. With these aspects in focus, our trainers have devised multiple programs.

  • Agility development- exercises focus on imparting easy speed and graceful defined movement on the court
  • Coordination and reflexes development- Coordination includes hand eye coordination, core rotation to arm movement coordination, lower body to upper body coordination. Reflexes development to handle pace and surprises during a match
  • Weight training and Strength training
  • Flexibility training-Stretches, yoga and mat exercises are part of this session